Active ingredients

Mixture of 13 natural active ingredients including biotin, folic acid and zinc for growing and maintaining health for your beard and hair. 100% hormone-free, no side effects.

How to use

Eat only 2 gummies per day, everyday. Daily intake is the key to success and the best results. You will start seeing results after 2-3 months, best results in 6 months. One bottle for one month.

Formulated for all men

Our high-quality ingredients ensure all essential nutrients that you need for your beard and hair. These gummies are so delicious that you enjoy eating them everyday.

We ship worldwide

Wherever you are, we'll find you. We are located in Finland but we operate globally - we don't believe in borders. Worldwide shipping costs only 9,90€.

Bearded Lifestyle

We are a Finnish company and help men around the world to grow the best versions of their beards and hair. Fast shipping with a great customer support. Grooming from within. Formulated for men. No magic, no bulls**t. That's Bearded Lifestyle.

Why to choose us

We trust in vitamins and minerals that have verified health claims approved by EU. Our products are 100% hormone-free with no side effects. We developed Beard & Hair Vitamins for 2 years so we know it's a real deal. Try it yourself, you won't regret it.

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