Beard & Hair Vitamins

Multivitamin-mineral gummies

Developed in collaboration with nutritionists and pharmacists to ensure the best combination of active ingredients to promote health, growth and handsomeness for your beard, hair and skin.


Growth & health

Promote growth and health for your beard and hair. Grow stronger, fuller and healthier. Fight beard & hair loss, split ends and breakage.

Active ingredients

Formulated with 13 active ingredients including biotin, zinc and folic acid that together promote growth and strength for your beard, hair & skin.

We trust in vitamins and minerals that have EU approved health claims.

Vegan & gluten-free

Beard & Hair Vitamins are vegan & gluten-free. In addition, they do not contain any lactose, soy, nuts nor gelatine and are therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

These gummies are also 100% hormone-free and, therefore, have no side effects.

Delicious taste

We know that gulping down large smelly pills is not the best daily routine for anyone. That's the reason why we added some deliciousness to our recipe.

Beard & Hair Vitamins are delicious gummies and taste like raspberry.

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What our customers say

I've been taking these for only one month now but I can see the improvement. My hair is growing faster and thicker. I want to keep taking these to get a manbun. Extremely good product!

Michael, London

I have tried different kind of hair growth supplements but this is the best! I started taking these in September and it definitely works. My beard and hair looks fuller and healthier than earlier.

Tom, Berlin

Beard & Hair Vitamins has helped me to grow my beard faster than normally. My beard and hair are also very healthy-looking and I thank these vitamins for it. I can definitely recommend this.

Carl, Uppsala

About us

Bearded Lifestyle

We are a Finnish company who helps men around the world to grow the best versions of their beards and hair.

We trust in vitamins and minerals that have verified health claims approved by EU. Fast shipping with a great customer support. Grooming from within. Formulated for men. That's Bearded Lifestyle.