Beard & Hair Vitamins
Beard & Hair Vitamins
Beard & Hair Vitamins

Beard & Hair Vitamins

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Chewable multivitamin-mineral gummies to promote growth, health and handsomeness for your beard, hair and skin. One bottle contains 60 pieces (1 month supply) of delicious vitamin gummies with raspberry taste.

We know that gulping down large smelly pills is not the best daily routine for anyone. However, consistent daily intake is the key to success and best results. That's why we added some deliciousness to the recipe of Beard & Hair Vitamins. Thanks to the sweet taste of raspberry, you will definitely enjoy eating these gummies daily!

Beard & Hair Vitamins are vegan and do not contain either gluten, lactose, soya, nuts or gelatine and are therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Dosage: Eat 2 gummies per day.

Make sure to chew them well before swallowing. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute to a healthy and balanced diet.

Store dry at room temperature.
Keep out of reach of children.

Daily dose (2pcs) contains:

Vitamin C 30 mg 38%*
Vitamin E 12.1 mg 101%*
Pantothenic Acid 5.2 mg 87%*
Biotin 5 mg 10 000%*
Zinc 2.7 mg 27%*
Vitamin B6 2 mg 143%*
Vitamin A 722 μg 90%*
Folic Acid 260 μg 130%*
Iodine 60 μg 40%*
Choline 40 μg
Inositol 40 μg
Vitamin D2 10 μg 200%*
Vitamin B12 μg 240%*

*percent of daily reference intake

Grow and maintain


✓ Healthier and stronger
✓ Improved growth
✓ Less beard & hair loss
✓ Less split ends & breakage
✓ Less dryness & dandruff
✓ Less itchiness
✓ Healthier skin and nails

Grow healthier, fuller and stronger!

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After 2-3 months I started to notice that my beard and hair were stronger and healthier.

Thomas from London, UK

I think my beard and hair grow faster than before. They also look fuller!

Daniel from Stockholm, Sweden

How is this possible

Active ingredients

The best mixture of 13 active ingredients for growing and maintaining the best versions of your beard and hair.

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My beard used to be very dry and I also had ''beard dandruff''. Now that's gone.

Mikkel from Aarhus, Denmark

I have used the product for 6 months now and I can see some progress. My beard feels healthier and it's not that itchy anymore.

Johannes from Turku, Finland

Get the best results

How to use

1. Eat 2 gummies per day
2. See results in 2 months
3. Best results in 6 months
4. Maintain your results

Disclamer: All men are different and the results from using Beard & Hair Vitamins vary. Some men can see a lot more improvement than others. No beard or hair are the same.