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When you are enjoying our delicious Beard & Hair Vitamins, you will feed your beard & hair with the best vitamins and minerals available! With our delicious gummies, your body will never lack the key nutrients that it needs to maintain the normal beard & hair growth level. This means that only with two gummies a day you will start growing beard & hair as fast as you can! That's pretty cool, right?

Beard and hair are non-essential tissues, this means that your body will never send nutrients their way if any other part of your body is lacking. So, your beard and hair are one of the first things to suffer when there is an imbalance in your body. Sounds bad, right?

With Beard & Hair Vitamins, you will ensure that your body gets all vital nutrients to improve the quality of your beard, hair and skin. Its formula contains 13 active ingredients that, together, will nourish your beard & hair, improving their strength and elasticity while helping you fight off dryness and split ends so that they can grow in a much healthier manner.

Do you suffer from continuous beard or hair loss? If yes, then we have some good news for you. Even if hair loss is a normal step in hair renewing process, you may suffer from it more than others. This is most likely because your body is lacking some vitamins and minerals.

Beard & Hair Vitamins by Bearded Lifestyle include just the right amount of the most essential vitamins and minerals to help your body to function as it should when considering beard and hair growth.

If you are dreaming of handsome long beard or hair, then poor hair quality should be your worst nightmare. Thin, dry and unhealthy hair suffer more from breakage and split ends than normal healthy hair.

Breakage and split ends make it impossible to grow long and full beard or hair. Therefore, you should pay attention to ensure that you grow as healthy hair as possible. When you grow healthier and stronger beard and hair, you will suffer less from beard and hair breakage and split ends.

Do you suffer from dandruff and itchy beard? If yes, then the skin under your beard might be too dry which leads to itchiness and beard flakes. Our Beard & Hair Vitamins contain the right vitamins (including biotin and zinc) to maintain the health and handsomeness also for your skin. These vitamins provide you skin care from within.

However, we still strongly recommend you to start using beard oils to nourish the skin under you beard. With this combination you can say goodbye to dandruff and dryness!

Even though our main focus with this product is to promote health and handsomeness for your beard and hair, we cannot ignore the health effects that these vitamins and minerals offer to your skin and nails. With only two Beard & Hair Vitamin gummies per day, you can fight also against bad skin and improve health for your nails.